Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lost in Translation

Stranger Than Fiction - I've Devised A Test
Tags: Stranger Than Fiction - I've Devised A Test
I started my blog with the video above to illustrate the fact that I think we are all a lot like Will Ferrell's character Harold Crick. We are trying to find out what kind of story we are in. We all are currently in some kind of story. It could be a Romance, or a tragedy at this moment. The stories change from day to day and moment to moment. It seems that though we walk the same path everyday we never walk it quite the same. Something is always changing.  Because we are mired in the middle of our story we are muddled about it.  Have you ever felt this way? That we are stuck in a story and there is seemingly no way out. We've played out all the options in the Choose-My-Own-Adventure and none of them end up satisfying. If all we have is individual stories then what makes one more desirable than another? And for that matter, can I change my story if I desire to do so? And what is so important about my story anyway that I would even blog about it. I mean, really, am I so self obsessed that I need other people to validate my life in cyberspace because I'm not getting it in the real world? I tell myself I am writing this just for me, but really what is the purpose if it doesn't speak into other's lives? What am I to do? Well, just as Harold did, I think I have to figure out what kind of story I am in before I can know what to do.
      The first step towards finding out what story I'm in I think is the realization that it is not so much my story as it is the story of mankind, the story of the universe, the story of the God who made it all. In this day and age a lot of the Western mindset is that we are all little planets which the sun, moon, and stars revolve around. We have built up a backwards world, topsy turvy, in order to feed our own insatiable lusts for glory. How small the world becomes when it is all of me, another dash of me, a sprinkle of me; mix it all into a me mud pie of self indulgence we gorge upon eventually causing us to vomit ourselves all over everyone around us. Is this to be our legacy. It seems to me if we have to let everyone around us constantly know we exist because most of us including myself don't do anything really lasting eternally speaking, then when we are gone we won't exist at all because there won't be anybody to speak our praises of the nothingness we have done.  Fear and focus on the here and now have sidelined so much of what I had hoped to do by this time in my life. It is not to late, never to late to carpe diem. Maybe it is time to dig up the talents we have buried and multiply them for the greater glory, knowing that what lays in store is far better than what we have now.
     Am I dreaming, is it possible to transcend the bounds of a self-centered world? Or is that thought just a fairy tale? Though my masculinity might be called into question for saying it I have always liked fairy tales. If I had to be part of any tale it would be a fairy tale. They are so magical and mystical. And who doesn't like magic? I find myself wanting to live in one. I think I might like to be an Elf. They seem so wise and they have mad skills with weapons. I could even have a liger for a pet in my own fairy tale, and eat green eggs and ham.  So, besides the fact that they are fun and creative why are fairy tales so great? J.R.R. Tolkien once said that the most distinguishing mark of a fairy tale was "eucatastrophe." It simply means: A sudden unexpected turn towards the good. We see this when Belle kisses the Beast and transforms him, when Aslan is resurrected after his brutal death on the stone table, and most famously when Jesus appears to the disciples after his crucifixion. Yes, even the Gospel is a fairy story. These stories speak to us because they point to something beyond ourselves, something we can hope in and take meaning from, something that tells us that even though things seem beyond help good will always win. We need this hope to get us through the middle of this life, to the end, and back again. Just like Frodo and Sam; we cannot succeed if we do not see that we are a part of something more than just our own story. So I end this first blog with Frodo and Sam trying to find the strength to go on in their story when things seem darkest. The answer it seems is not me, but a good beyond myself worth fighting for. 


  1. Intriguing, and mind penetrating.. You are on to something. I definitely like your tie between the Gospel and a fairy tale. I think your right, living in a fairy tale would be the best. Especially if one had a liger. ;) Keep blogging! Even in just writing out your thoughts, you have a poetic style with words. And it's enjoyable to read :)
    Proud of you. Respect you. Love you.

  2. P.s. Love the visual aspect with the videos. Great way to drive home your ideas.